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Podcast Promotion On Holidays

This new section is a brand new feature of our podcast network that promotes podcast episodes for promoting different holidays of the year. We want to give you a complete picture of how we promote episodes that honor popular and themed holidays. This is a directory of each holiday as the different banners that will go up on specific days of the year, every year. Those promotions for each holiday start usually about two weeks before the holiday and end two weeks after the holiday. Let’s go over each one. You will have a good idea of how to honor these holidays to your podcast episodes and get more exposure, because these pages have been a very popular section on our podcast network. Some holidays are mostly from the United States, but we try to commemorate holidays in as many countries as possible. If you feel that a specific holiday is not honored for your country, please send us a message on our contact form. We would love to hear about it, because we want to honor every single holiday for our visitors to the podcast network and connect those visitors to your podcast to bring you new subscribers that you might not have been able to acquire without these holiday pages. First of all, we are going to start with the most popular one and that’s the holiday season in December and January. We understand that the holiday season is tailored to many different holidays and not just one. That is a way for the podcast network to reach people who are looking for podcast episodes in those holidays. If you listen to podcasts, this is a great place to find podcasts that match the holidays that you’re looking for. We know all too well that podcasters always honor every single holiday that they can in their episodes because they know that at the time the holiday starts, the trend for those podcasts also start. This is a great way to give subscribers and people who listen to podcasts away to listen to podcasts, when they’re in the car. When they’re exercising or wanting to just relaxing during a specific holiday. Likewise, if you are a podcaster This is a great way to connect with your subscribers and to find new audience members who may be looking for those podcast episodes during the holiday seasons. We give you the chance to connect with new audience members by putting specific keywords in your podcast episode title. Those titles will be highlighted on specific days of the year, which are listed below under each section for specific holidays. You have the opportunity to get your episodes onto these pages by wording your episodes in specific ways and we explain it in full detail below.

Christmas Podcasts, Chanukah Podcasts, and Kwanzaa Podcasts

We start promoting the holiday season on December 12 of every year and it ends on January 10 of the next year. This way we include every single holiday in that season including New Years which is global for all countries. The titles of your podcast episodes will include every one of these keywords which include alternate spellings for different holidays as well. We want to give you the freedom to spell the holiday in your alternative way, because we understand that a lot of the holidays are not only having alternative spellings, but they also have commonly misspellings as well. We want to give you different ways of reaching the people who might not spell the holiday correctly, so here’s the entire list put these into your podcast episodes, and they will show up on the holiday season page:
  • Christmas
  • Xmas
  • Chanukah
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanza
  • Kwanzaa
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Years

How to come up on the holiday page

In your podcast episode titles, include one of these words. At this moment, we do not show episodes that include these words in their description or audio, so make sure your podcast episode title includes at least one in the list above. It is also important to note that your episode must be about the title. If your episode is not about the keyword in the title, it will be removed by our editorial team.

Valentine’s Day

Now we want to talk about another popular holiday. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday in the United States that occurs on February 14 every year. It is the holiday of love and honors families, couples and anyone who shares a bond with another person with respect to love of some kind, so, Valentine’s Day is a very cool and important holiday. We noticed last year that a lot of podcasters are putting out episodes on Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not in the United States, you can still honor this holiday in your episodes and you will show up on Valentine’s Day page as long as your podcast is about some kind of love during the Valentine’s Day period. Here are the keywords for Valentine’s The Valentine’s Day page will be up from February 1 to February 28 of every year. Here are the keywords forĀ  Valentine’s Day:
  • valentine
  • Valentine’s Day
  • sweetheart
  • hearts
  • lover
  • father
  • mother
  • son
  • daughter
We include the family names because we want to promote episodes that promote good family values but Valentine’s Day.



  • Easter
  • bunny
  • feast
  • Passover
Easter is another big holiday both religiously and in the United States. Easter is a celebration and is denoted not just by families getting together, but also the cute aspect of it with the all-famous Easter Bunny. Easter, just like Thanksgiving is also synonymous with feasts and eating a lot of food and getting together. Along with Easter, around the same time in the Jewish religion, Passover is another famous podcast topic that comes along this holiday season. When Jewish people celebrate Passover, a lot of podcast episodes also appear at the same time as Easter, so we honor both holidays in this section. You can see the list above of the keywords that you can put into your episode titles that will appear on the Easter holiday page. Easter episodes appear between April 1 and April 30 of every year.


  • turkey
  • Thanksgiving
  • pilgrims
  • Plymouth Rock
  • feast
  • stuffing
  • cranberry sauce
Thanksgiving is another important holiday in the United States where the Pilgrims came to an area of Massachusetts known as Plymouth Rock. Most Americans are not concerned with the history of Thanksgiving but they are concerned with the wonderful face that goes along with this amazing holiday. With that, we also honor episode titles for your podcast that include the famous food items of thanksgiving and they are below we have seen episode titles over the last couple of years on our podcast network. They talk about stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkeys, and Thanksgiving itself. So we look for these type of titles as well. Since Thanksgiving does not fall on the same date every single year. It always falls on the third or fourth Thursday of every November. So we will honor Thanksgiving episodes between November 1 and November 30 of every single year

Fourth of July


  • fireworks
  • sparklers
  • 4th of july
  • fourth of july
  • Independence Day
  • independence
The 4th of July is when the United States got its independence. That said, this holiday is officially known as Independence Day whereas 4th of July is the nickname for this holiday. We have also seen a lot of podcast episodes coming over as well for this amazing United States holiday. We honor the Fourth of July episodes. Fourth of July on our podcast network starts between June 20 and runs till July 15 of every year. Any podcast episodes published within these dates will show for all of the keywords below which include everything from independence of the United States to the millions of firework displays that appear across the country. Keywords that that go along with this amazing holiday are also included.



  • Halloween
  • Holloween
  • trick or treat
  • trick or treating
  • candy
  • witch
  • ghost
  • pumpkin
  • jack o’lantern
  • jack o lantern
Halloween is a holiday that occurs on October 31 of every single year, which allows mostly children to get treats from different households in their area. Those treats can be anything from money to candy, or any type of suitable food options including fruit, chocolate and anything else that is considered candy. The popular phrase that children say when it comes to a house is Trick or treat. So we of course made this one of the keywords that will trigger episodes for a specific podcast on Halloween since Halloween starts on October 31. The podcast episode period is from October 15 to December 10. Add these keywords below to have your podcast appear which also include the scary side of Halloween with all the famous monsters that make Halloween the scariest holiday of the year.

If your holiday is not here from your country…

We want to know since we’re based in the United States, we feature most holidays in the United States, but since we are becoming the world podcast network, we are looking for major holidays in as many countries as possible. We’re looking for contributors to send us articles with specific dates and keywords in those podcast episodes. If your podcast is not in English, Please send us the keywords in both your language as well as English. and we will make sure that our editorial team reviews, your contributions and honors podcast episodes on those dates.        

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