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Welcome to the Beyond Standards podcast, where 2 teachers talk about the reality of teaching. This is your go-to destination for an immersive exploration of the world of education. Join hosts Joe Rohrhoff and Jeff Balagna as they embark on a mission to unravel the untold stories, challenge conventional norms, and amplify the voices of educators from all walks of life. Beyond Standards is not just a podcast; it’s a vibrant community where teachers, both new and seasoned, come together to share their triumphs, navigate challenges, and celebrate the art of teaching. From insightful interviews with education experts to lively discussions on classroom scenarios, the podcast offers a blend of wisdom, humor, and practical insights, inviting listeners to dive deep into the heart and soul of the teaching profession. Whether you’re an educator, a student, or simply passionate about education, Beyond Standards is your ticket to a diverse and enriching journey through the realms of learning and teaching.
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Teacher Spotlight: Going Beyond The Curriculum To Build Connections

Published 05/13/2024
Download directly at https://anchor.fm/s/e7cc6ff4/podcast/play/86651799/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2024-4-12%2F377393905-44100-2-ab4670852c8b1.m4a

What Do Teachers Think About Their Evaluation System?

Published 05/06/2024
Download directly at https://anchor.fm/s/e7cc6ff4/podcast/play/86349290/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2024-4-5%2F376644210-44100-2-025870eefa3cb.m4a

From Student To Teacher: Inside The Journey Of Future Educators

Published 04/29/2024
Download directly at https://anchor.fm/s/e7cc6ff4/podcast/play/86042995/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2024-3-28%2F375889592-44100-2-7ffb07c7f2ea2.m4a

Teacher Helpline: Defiant Students, Problematic Parents, And Making Group Work Fair

Published 04/22/2024
Download directly at https://anchor.fm/s/e7cc6ff4/podcast/play/85726357/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2024-3-22%2F375110974-44100-2-b2f784e714604.m4a

Could You Be A Principal? Transitioning From Classroom Teacher To Leadership

Published 04/15/2024
Download directly at https://anchor.fm/s/e7cc6ff4/podcast/play/85426940/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fstaging%2F2024-3-15%2F374345567-44100-2-f3c8eaab36ba3.m4a