Podcast Network Advertising

Home Page

The podcast network is the page with the most traffic. We receive thousands of visits per week and your banner ad will receive amazing exposure. Banner ads are placed in several locations on the home page:

  • Top slot above the fold. This is a very prominent place on the podcast network as visitors will see this ad slot the most. Therefore, it will receive the most impressions and exposure.
  • Middle right sidebar. This slot is also very prominent. When visitors scroll down to this slot, they may click here as well. A skyscraper ad is displayed here.
  • Above the Most Recent Episodes Section – This slot is halfway down the page and a 729×80 banner is displayed here.

Search Results

The podcast network receives over 500 searches per day. Ads on the search results are displayed by keyword entered and are randomly rotated with other banner ads for that keyword. Advertisers can purchase as many keywords as they’d like and we offer a 25% Off quantity discount for over 5 keywords ordered.

Category Pages

Advertisers can also secure one of 12 main categories. Banner ads are displayed in random rotation immediately along the top of the category page with other ads. Banner ads displayed are horizontal 728×90 ads. Advertisers may purchase advertising in as many categories as desired, but we also advise purchasing category advertising for your specific business or industry to get maximum clickthroughs.

Subcategory Pages

Subcategory pages are similar to category pages, but there is a less number of podcasts in these categories. They still get amazing exposure. Subcategories can be reached through our category guide. The banner ads displayed here are the same as Category Pages above.

Podcast Directory

The Podcast Directory is also a page with a high amount of traffic. All podcasts are displayed here for visitors. Banner ads are displayed in random rotation immediately along the topwith other ads. Banner ads displayed are horizontal 728×90 ads.

Blog Posts

We will write up a blog post on your business which includes a link to your website plus two social media platforms. Blog posts will be 500 to 1200 words. You may submit an article to speed up the process, but it will be rewritten and proofread by our editing staff to fit the theme of our podcast network. Blog posts will be written and released within two weeks. A rush can be placed for an additional fee.

Email Blasts

We will email your message to our podcaster community with the following format:

  • Includes up to 300 words.
  • You submit the message to our editing team for review.
  • Your article will include one link of your choice plus links to 2 social media.
  • The article must be written with value to our podcaster community.

Email blasts can be blasted to 50 people, 100 people, 200 people and up to 300 people at one time. See prices below for each blast size. We do not guaranteed engagement from our email blasts.

Advertising Prices

1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
Number of Monthly Impressions Order Order Order Order
Type of Page
Home Page $750 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500
Search Results $550 $1,031 $1,547 $2,320
Podcast Directory $400 $750 $1,125 $1,688
Blog Posts $350 $656 $984 $1,477
Category Pages $500 $938 $1,406 $2,109
Podcast Profiles (Free Only) $350 $656 $984 $1,477
Signup Pages $500 $938 $1,406 $2,109

Order Advertising

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Advertising FAQs

  • Audio commercials including voiceover, music, and a spoken script. Podcasters can play the commercials on their shows. They will be included on our commercial exchange as well. See prices below for audio commercials.

  • Banner ads are displayed in either 728×90 or 468×60 for horizontal ads ads and 125×600 for skyscraper vertical ads. Ads are displayed in random rotation with other ads and the podcast network, at this moment offers unlimited impressions. Ads are charged by the monthly and weekly rates. Since impressions are not counted, as of this writing, it is possible to receive thousands of impressions. Also, since impressions are not limited, we do not offer analytics on them or clickthroughs, but may in the future.