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We get a lot of questions and these FAQs are the ones we receive the most from podcasters:
Do I need to podcast often to be listed?
No, there is no minimum to the number of episodes you can have or a minimum to the number of times you need to podcast. It is totally up to you. However, if you do not add new podcast episodes often, then your podcast may be hard to find as newer episodes are always listed first, so your podcast episodes may fall down in the listings fast. Publishing a new podcast puts your episodes on top. We syndicate your podcast episodes within 24 to 72 hours when you add them.
I see that premium podcasts get more exposure. What if I want to upgrade my podcast to a hire plan?
Upgrading is easy. Simply visit our subscription plans page at http://www.crazymoneyideas.com/nycpodcastnetwork/podcast-subscription-plans/ and click on the Sign Up button under the plan in which you want to upgrade your podcast. When we receive payment, we will upgrade your podcast within 24 to 48 hours. 
Do you accept podcasts from the iTunes store?
Yes, absolutely. Since we host podcasts from anywhere, Apple iTunes. Other places we accept podcasts from are  PodcastOne, Podcast Garden and any other directory as long as it provides a valid RSS feed.
Do I need to let you know when I have a new podcast episode?
No and that is the best thing about our directory. When you add a new podcast episode, we automatically display it within 24 hours. This frees you up to worry about what you do best: podcasting.
What if I do not have a RSS feed?
Almost all podcast systems have a RSS feed. If you cannot find yours when you sign up, simply provide us your URL and we will find it.
Do you accept podcasts from blogging platforms such as WordPress?
Yes, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or any popular blogging system is perfect for your podcast episodes to be listed.

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