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CarePoints by Lone Star Communications Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare technology can feel like playing a game of Double Jeopardy. CarePoints, a new podcast series hosted by Kenny Schiff, will equip clinical directors, hospital administrators, and other stakeholders with insights to explore and actualize technology-driven solutions for improved outcomes. What he does: A healthcare industry veteran, Kenny is the Founder of CareSight, a cloud-based patient care analytics company. In October 2022, CareSight was acquired by Lone Star Communications. Though healthcare colleagues often mistake him for an engineer, Kenny instead describes himself as an explainer teacher, translator, and problem solver. His interest in technology started early on and he has leveraged it as a way to support his musical pursuits. Organization: Lone Star Communications, Inc. Words of wisdom: “For me, the value of technology is not the ‘cool factor,’ not the bits and bytes. It’s about what it can do for humanity and healthcare. It’s about making patients safe and satisfied, helping to avoid adverse events, and improving the work life of staff.”
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Episode 10: Data Across The Boards: Vizabli’s Acute Care Solution

Published 04/10/2024
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Episode 9: Nurse Call Systems Don’t Always Need Upgrades: Patient Experiences Do

Published 03/22/2024
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Episode 8: Lone Star Launches Alairo® Solutions

Published 02/26/2024
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Episode 7: Mate Brings A Circadian Twist To Hospitals

Published 02/12/2024
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Episode 6: How AI And Cameras Can Make Hospitals Safer

Published 01/09/2024
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Episode 5: The Top 6 Reasons To Join A Professional Organization

Published 01/08/2024
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Episode 4: Cloud-Powered Health Care: Embracing Innovation And Security

Published 12/14/2023
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Episode 3: No Code App Development: The Importance Of Speed And Feedback From Customers And Stakeholders

Published 12/14/2023
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Episode 2: The Grand Unified Theory Of Health Care: Delivering Top Technology Solutions To Hospitals

Published 12/14/2023
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Episode 1: Top 5 Stakeholders For Health Care Tech Implementation

Published 11/21/2023
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Trailer: Introducing CarePoints With Kenny Schiff

Published 11/15/2023
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