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Welcome to D Listers of History, a podcast about interesting people you probably didn’t learn about in school. Take it from someone who actually paid attention in history class, most teachers just talk about the same couple of guys who always get top billing. This show isn’t for your Benjamin Franklins and Otto Von Bismarks. This is the show for the other person, just out there doing their best. Come hang out with us and history’s footnotes, we may not be famous but we are having fun.
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[Sidebar] What Do Tucker Carlson And The NYT Have In Common?

Published 02/26/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/jeDVYuXpLRXl.mp3?t=1708901865

26 Grand Theft Tea Feat. Nicole Wilson

Published 02/19/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/Ln76eiq7EMdM.mp3?t=1708316387

[Sidebar] Ethically Managing Unethical Museum Collections

Published 02/12/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/WxOPvImmPaNe.mp3?t=1708018911

25 In Which Antisemitism Is Solved By Repeatedly Slapping It In The Face Feat: Robert Neumark Jones

Published 02/05/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/6rXARTPLR351.mp3?t=1708019091

[Sidebar] Powerful Men Behaving Badly And The Women Who Got The Last Word

Published 01/29/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/0168EHJqa7VP.mp3?t=1708018919

24 Slavery, Servitude And Solidarity Feat: Mack Little

Published 01/22/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/M3e60fLDzw5Y.mp3?t=1708018979

[Sidebar] Jew Tunnels And Mitzvah Tanks - What Is Chabad Anyway?

Published 01/15/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/PAv7zTvWZNL0.mp3?t=1708018928

23 How To Off A Moth Feat: Lucas Zellers

Published 01/08/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/PAv7zTvWnZ8x.mp3?t=1708019036

[Sidebar] Nikki Haley And The Lost Cause Of The Confederacy

Published 01/01/2024
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/PAv7zTJL7YD5.mp3?t=1708018935

22 Jewish Christmas And The Inventor Of General Tso's Chicken With David Page

Published 12/24/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/3PM8JiPMkKxa.mp3?t=1708019149

21 The World Of Daniel Of Beccles Feat. Daniele Cybulskie

Published 12/11/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/ErL6YT6LMg7j.mp3?t=1708019103

20 Major William Francis Deegan Feat. Rebecca Bratspies

Published 11/27/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/ErL6YTEYOa61.mp3?t=1708019076

19 Mina "Margery" Crandon Feat. Charming Disaster

Published 11/13/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/M3e60fLN8eOq.mp3?t=1708019127

18 Queer History Feat. Lee Wind

Published 10/30/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/VOw75FGR2aWw.mp3?t=1708019160

17 Nestor Makhno Feat. Charlie Allison

Published 10/16/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/yErL6YT6qkK0.mp3?t=1708019172

16 American Food Feat. David Page

Published 10/01/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/VOw75F904Prv.mp3?t=1708018899

15 Augustin Fresnel Feat. Xandy Schiefer

Published 08/21/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/p0YM7c8OvZ7d.mp3?t=1708019132

14 Franklin Hough Feat. Jeffrey Ryan

Published 08/07/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/YPA62iV9x9lX.mp3?t=1708018888

13 Jack Chick

Published 07/17/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/9KjqnhYzwe4g.mp3?t=1708019124

12 Victor Gruen

Published 07/03/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/GAQ6WTJ6p1v0.mp3?t=1708018857

11 Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Published 06/19/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/4AJv2TONmzRa.mp3?t=1708018941

10 Menocchio

Published 06/05/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/vp7jKI07xGpY.mp3?t=1708019017

9 Florence Foster Jenkins

Published 05/15/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/xq0kauP8QXXJ.mp3?t=1708019021

8 Leon Czolgosz Feat. Labor Jawn

Published 05/01/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/M3e60fM9amN2.mp3?t=1708018885

7 Ida Tarbell

Published 03/20/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/kkrNQcRpZ5aa.mp3?t=1708018971

6 Tunis Campbell

Published 03/06/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/Omle3FjPqN50.mp3?t=1708019201

5 Public Universal Friend

Published 02/20/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/Jd86gi31qkR8.mp3?t=1708019118

4 Charles Sumner

Published 02/06/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/B4AJv2T8gjgl.mp3?t=1708018965

3 Rebecca Gratz

Published 01/13/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/ErL6YTA61kgM.mp3?t=1708019048

2 ~A~ God Or ~THE~ God?

Published 01/13/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/Kwg67He2emXW.mp3?t=1708633550

1 Philly Santa's Mixtape

Published 01/13/2023
Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/8w9ZjHO3aX8e.mp3?t=1708632949

D Listers Of History Trailer

Published 01/09/2023
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Download directly at https://audio.ausha.co/WxOPvIZdnvPm.mp3?t=1708400815