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In a world of skepticism and doubt, the Christian may find themselves barraged with challenges to the faith. Join us as we discuss current events in a roundtable, but we each do so from a specific perspective or chair. The Chair of Theology focuses on Biblical principles applied to the topic at hand. The Chair of Philosophy, looks and the Teleological, Epistemological, Ontological, and otherwise Philosophical perspectives. The Chair of Politics brings the perspective that Christians have the unique qualifications and obligation to participate in our government and her laws. The Chair of Culture focuses on the Christian’s response to the Culture and the Counter Culture Christianity should create. And the Economic Chair brings to the table the economic value to following God’s Law, like every other sphere of life, if you read the instruction manual the Creator of the Universe wrote, you might find that you understand the World better. The Bible has the answers to our economic challenges as well as moral ones.

From these Chairs, we discuss the Christian Worldview and hope to provide an answer or apologetic for each situation we discuss. We would be honored if you joined us as we discuss how our culture falls Further Every Day.

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#0149 Is Your Bible Full Of Errors? Does It Matter? - Further. Every. Day.

Published 05/23/2024
Download directly at https://pdcn.co/e/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.podserve.fm/episodes/140769/0149-is-your-bible-full-of-errors-does-it-matter-further-every-day.mp3

#0148 Drinking At The Table Of Demons And God? Christians And Yoga - Further. Every. Day.

Published 05/15/2024
Download directly at https://pdcn.co/e/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.podserve.fm/episodes/139931/0148-drinking-at-the-table-of-demons-and-god-christians-and-yoga-further-every-day.mp3

Regenerative Farming: We Might All Die In 50 Years. Did God Warn Us?

Published 05/08/2024
Download directly at https://pdcn.co/e/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.podserve.fm/episodes/139343/regenerative-farming-we-might-all-die-in-50-years-did-god-warn-us.mp3

Singleness And The Christian. What Did Jesus Do? -Further. Every. Day

Published 04/26/2024
Download directly at https://pdcn.co/e/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.podserve.fm/episodes/138312/singleness-and-the-christian-what-did-jesus-do-further-every-day.mp3

Would Jesus Watch The Chosen? And The State Of The Modern Christian Audience. - Further. Every. Day

Published 04/20/2024
Download directly at https://pdcn.co/e/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/www.podserve.fm/episodes/137754/would-jesus-watch-the-chosen-and-the-state-of-the-modern-christian-audience-further-every-day.mp3