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Happy Even After with Ms. Renee Bauer Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Ms. Renée Bauer is an award-winning divorce attorney, published author, and founder of the family law firm, Bauer Law Group. Renée is committed to empowering all women to redefine their sense of peace and purpose in their new life. Renée’s insights are sought after by local and regional media outlets, podcasts, and conferences where she speaks on co-parenting, blended family dynamics, relationships, and the art of reinvention. As an accomplished litigator, she boldly educates and inspires women to reclaim their right to happiness. As a podcast host, she brings you unfiltered stories from experts and those who have made it out the other side. Her guests will inspire you to go find your own version of HAPPY EVEN AFTER.  
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