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Healthcare Confidential Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Healthcare is a business, but far too many in the field have neither the business training nor the financial expertise required for their business to thrive. Healthcare Confidential dives into the nuances of healthcare finance. From the historical evolution of the American healthcare system to innovative approaches to maximizing practice revenue, Healthcare Confidential bridges the past and the future to provide professionals with the information they need to be both savvy business people as well as clinicians.  Healthcare Confidential is streamed on Monday mornings.

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Ep. 64 Healthcare For All With Wendell Potter

Published 09/12/2021
Download directly at https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/89d660c1-ebf4-4a66-83bc-ad170104550f/7efe6002-8c13-4fa3-ae96-ad2100c5d2a6/86a9a468-f613-4756-b4e3-ada10124af67/audio.mp3?utm_source=Podcast&in_playlist=ac19306a-20d5-4dea-be13-ad2100c5d2be

Ep 63: Concierge Medicine With Michael Tetreault

Published 09/06/2021
Download directly at https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/89d660c1-ebf4-4a66-83bc-ad170104550f/7efe6002-8c13-4fa3-ae96-ad2100c5d2a6/9a4d521e-9b08-49f4-adbd-ad9a017fdbba/audio.mp3?utm_source=Podcast&in_playlist=ac19306a-20d5-4dea-be13-ad2100c5d2be

COVID-19 And Children With Dr. Sharon Nachman

Published 08/30/2021
Download directly at https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/89d660c1-ebf4-4a66-83bc-ad170104550f/7efe6002-8c13-4fa3-ae96-ad2100c5d2a6/1135a517-d64c-470b-b0cf-ad94001b7b63/audio.mp3?utm_source=Podcast&in_playlist=ac19306a-20d5-4dea-be13-ad2100c5d2be

Ep 61 LinkedIn Local With Beth Granger

Published 08/22/2021
Download directly at https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/89d660c1-ebf4-4a66-83bc-ad170104550f/7efe6002-8c13-4fa3-ae96-ad2100c5d2a6/faf15db4-979b-46bb-ab06-ad8c014ee556/audio.mp3?utm_source=Podcast&in_playlist=ac19306a-20d5-4dea-be13-ad2100c5d2be

Ep. 60 - From The Vault: Planning For A Crisis With Doug Levy

Published 08/20/2021
Download directly at https://traffic.omny.fm/d/clips/89d660c1-ebf4-4a66-83bc-ad170104550f/7efe6002-8c13-4fa3-ae96-ad2100c5d2a6/c7d1d577-5d6e-49b3-b0bf-ad8600bf52ef/audio.mp3?utm_source=Podcast&in_playlist=ac19306a-20d5-4dea-be13-ad2100c5d2be