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Lasting Looks with Jules & Meghan Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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We take you behind the scenes of pop culture’s most iconic looks! We are set costumers who are obsessed with pop culture, fashion, and of course, costumes. We want to shine a light on costume designers and stylists to give them the credit they deserve!
This is a Professional podcast!
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Ep 11: Sue Kaufmann "One Chicago"

Published 03/16/2021
Download directly at https://media.rss.com/lastinglooks/20210316_162233_31d1b90908c061ec4cc83354ddc09393.mp3

Ep 10: Steve Summers-Dolly Parton

Published 03/02/2021
Download directly at https://media.rss.com/lastinglooks/20210302_112444_5796fd913310fea9a375956671f30a1b.mp3

Ep 9: Stephanie Kennedy "Seinfeld"

Published 02/09/2021
Download directly at https://media.rss.com/lastinglooks/20210209_111427_1765e355e72b1202d7f0d26e21663178.mp3

Ep 8: Tom Broecker "SNL"

Published 01/26/2021
Download directly at https://media.rss.com/lastinglooks/20210126_173112_bad32af73ad1a33593e85815a2438cad.mp3

Ep 7: Estee Stanley "Oops!...I Did It Again"

Published 01/12/2021
Download directly at https://media.rss.com/lastinglooks/20210112_120315_892ec7995b010ec64a6ebcf9161121df.mp3