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What's This?

The Patients Come First Podcast is presented by the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. Each episode will feature people in the health care community whose work is focused on enhancing patient experience, whether through direct care, medical research, or other efforts. Send questions, comments, or feedback to pcfpodcast@vhha.com or contact us Twitter @VirginiaHHA using the hashtag #PatientsComeFirst.

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Patients Come First Podcast - Donna Wilmoth

Published 05/27/2024
Download directly at https://media.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/content.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/VHHA_Patients_Come_First_Podcast-Donna_Wilmoth.mp3

Patients Come First Podcast - Dr. James Daniero

Published 05/20/2024
Download directly at https://media.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/content.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/VHHA_Patients_Come_First_Podcast-Dr_James_Daniero.mp3

Patients Come First Podcast - Melissa Herd

Published 05/13/2024
Download directly at https://media.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/content.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/VHHA_Patients_Come_First_Podcast-Melissa_Herd.mp3

Patients Come First Podcast - Dr. Stephanie Lareau

Published 05/06/2024
Download directly at https://media.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/content.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/VHHA_Patients_Come_First_Podcast-Dr_Stephanie_Lareau.mp3

Patients Come First Podcast - Patrick Watson And Taylor Tereskerz

Published 04/29/2024
Download directly at https://media.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/content.blubrry.com/patients_come_first/VHHA_Patients_Come_First_Podcast-Patrick_Watson_and_Taylor_Tereskerz_.mp3