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Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast Kathy Fettke Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Smart real estate investing will give you the time and the money to live life on your own terms! We call that real wealth. Host Kathy Fettke is Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network, author of the best selling “Retire Rich with Rentals” and the host of companion podcast, Real Estate News for Investors.

Kathy launched this podcast in 2003 to share her own secrets and those of top experts in the real estate investing field. She along with guests like Robert Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier, Peter Schiff, Doug Duncan, John Burns, Bruce Norris and other rising real estate stars offer insights on the creation of passive income through real estate, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Learn how to build a portfolio outside the stock market with buy-and-hold strategies, single-family rentals, multi-family properties, syndicated deals, self-directed IRAs and 401ks, the highly-revered 1031 exchange, private money lending, creative financing, and much more in this podcast! This is a video and an audio podcast which means we have both versions available for you to choose from, so whether you’re on the go, listening in your car or watching at home, we’ve got you covered!

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What You Need To Know About Syndicated Real Estate Deals

Published 06/15/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/9B831A/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ac455a3b-6ad5-4ddb-91c4-99c28bafa77f/What_You_Need_to_Know_About_Syndicated_Real_Estate_Deals___Real_Wealth_Show_989_Bethany_LaFlam.mp3?dest-id=3767766

Rent Vs Homeownership: Is The Answer That Simple?

Published 06/07/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/9B831A/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ac455a3b-6ad5-4ddb-91c4-99c28bafa77f/Rent_vs_Homeownership_Debate_Real_Wealth_Show_988_Jack_Ryan.mp3?dest-id=3767766

How Real Estate Can Give You BIG TIME Tax Savings!

Published 05/31/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/9B831A/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ac455a3b-6ad5-4ddb-91c4-99c28bafa77f/The_Real_Estate_CPA__Real_Wealth_Show_987_Brandon_Hall_Audio.mp3?dest-id=3767766

Beyond Bigger Pockets: Brandon Turner's Real Estate Odyssey

Published 05/24/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/9B831A/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ac455a3b-6ad5-4ddb-91c4-99c28bafa77f/Bigger_Pockets_Brandon_Turners_Real_Estate_Odyssey_Real_Wealth_Show_986_Audio.mp3?dest-id=3767766

Insurance Expert Lays It On The Line For Homeowners & Real Estate Investors

Published 05/17/2024
Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/9B831A/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/ac455a3b-6ad5-4ddb-91c4-99c28bafa77f/Insurance_Expert_Lays_It_On_The_Line_Real_Wealth_Show_985_Ron_Maurno_Audiov2.mp3?dest-id=3767766