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The Innovation Economy with The Agile Brand, LLC Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Discussing the factors that drive business growth, including how people, processes, platforms, and places work together. The Innovation Economy podcast is presented by The Agile Brand and features three co-hosts talking about unique aspects of business growth and innovation. Adam Chen talks with change makers at organizations on the Intrapreneurs series. Bonnie Habyan talks with brand leaders about leveraging workplace superpowers to drive growth on the Brand the Change series. Greg Kihlström, host of the award-winning The Agile Brand podcast, talks with leaders about the role of place in the future of work.
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#33: The Role Of Cultural Affairs In A Thriving Community With Michelle Isabelle-Stark, Arlington County Cultural Affairs

Published 07/09/2024
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#32: Digital-first In SMB With Leigh Hocker Radtke, Visa

Published 06/25/2024
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#31: Public-private Partnerships And Creative Expression With Joshua Stoltzfus, Arlington Economic Development

Published 06/11/2024
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#30: The Growing Pursuit Of The TEDx Talk To Supercharge A Personal And Professional Brand

Published 05/28/2024
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#29: Creating Great Places To Work And Live With Ryan Touhill, Arlington Economic Development

Published 05/21/2024
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