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The Motivation Movement | Inspirational Quotes, Daily Advice, Lifestyle Design, Personal Development with Michael Russo (mRuddo) Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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WE’VE ALL GOT THE SAME DAMN’ 86,400 SECONDS PER DAY! A few hours of wasted time here and there seems like nothing, but trust me, IT ADDS UP! MISSED opportunity, untapped potential, inhibited growth and development. Time doesn’t stop for ANYONE, time doesn’t discriminate, time doesn’t care about your feelings. The time is ALWAYS right now. Get ready to be inspired, it’s time for your daily dose of MOTIVATION, LET’S GO!Listening to this podcast daily should only take up about 5 of the 1,440 minutes that we’re ALL fortunate enough to be given EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY. What you do with the remaining 99.6527% of the day is COMPLETELY up to you. Hold yourself accountable. Take ownership of your situation. Live life UNFILTERED. Join The Motivation Movement.

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101: Obtaining The Necessary Means To Achieve Your Ends

Published 02/20/2023
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100: Expressing Ourselves Through Storytelling: The Human Condition

Published 02/13/2023
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099: Fostering Teamwork: Painting The Picture Of Success

Published 02/06/2023
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098: How To Leave A Powerful, Long-Lasting Impression On People

Published 01/30/2023
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097: Embracing Your Inner Voice & Establishing Core Values

Published 01/23/2023
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