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Intimate, authentic and practical, this is not your typical podcast. Rev. Carol Saunders engages in extraordinary conversations with interesting people on a wide range of spiritual topics. She seeks to inspire her audience through personal stories of love, awakening, divine encounters, healing and transformation, while encouraging inquiry and self-reflection. She offers her own wisdom and invites listeners to consider new paradigms that support a growing consciousness. Her guests may be authors, filmmakers or experts, or they may be everyday people who are willing to open up and authentically share their journeys.
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You Are A Frequency With Debbie Sellwood - EP 263

Published 06/11/2024
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Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/jvhqdkuehpp59278/debbie_podbean6gag7.mp3

Raging Fire Of Love: What I Learned From Jesus, The Jews And The Prophet - EP 262

Published 06/04/2024
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Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/cgki8d8mdz58ha6p/james_clark_podbean6wxcy.mp3

Generate Love With Charity Kahn - EP 261

Published 05/28/2024
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Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/56h7hpvc3z9vyve7/podbean.mp3

A Mind Beyond Words With Jes Kerzen - EP 260

Published 05/21/2024
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Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/pe662vycr96zpcq6/jes_kerzen_podbean_file96qr2.mp3

Food For Freedom Part 2 With Dr. Will Tuttle - EP 259

Published 05/14/2024
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Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/3a9tqv2xmdbz5njk/will_tuttle_podbean93wjc.mp3