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Therapeutic Astrology Podcast By Mannah Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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TAP (Therapeutic Astrology Podcast) offers you some time of self examination. My slogan is “A Place to Call Whole” — Some episodes will delve into some Evolutionary Astrology, as I personally study how planetary placements mirror our psychological workings – but I really want to address any theme, that can create profound change in life. So I hope the name of the podcast can function as a recognition of the interplay between ancient wisdom and modern healing modalities such as psychotherapy. In my version of what Therapeutic Astrology is, meditation is also included by the way. This podcast will therefor celebrate an eclectic approach, drawing from diverse disciplines that will take us to fundamental aspects of our transformation process. Some just call it life. Or recovery.
This is a Professional podcast!
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#322 - Michael Molin - Panser - Psykoterapi Til Politi - Machokultur Vs. Terapeutisk Fællesskab

Published 06/06/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/E12398/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lydenafetbedreliv/Project_32.MP3_1.mp3?dest-id=765696

#321 - Inge Farup - Kombineret Psykoterapi Og Kinesiologi - Søgen Efter En Terapiform Der Også Kunne Hjælpe Terapeuten Selv

Published 05/31/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/E12398/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lydenafetbedreliv/ingefrup-endelig.mp3?dest-id=765696

#320 - Niklas Thrane - Tidslommer Og Nødsignaler - Traumeterapi I Teori Og Praksis

Published 05/25/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/E12398/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lydenafetbedreliv/Project_19.MP3.mp3?dest-id=765696

#319 - Hanne Frøyr - Spiritualitet Og Psykologi - En Åndelig Tilgang Kan Åbne For Nye Eksistentielle Erkendelser Og Vække Genklang På Et Inderligt Plan

Published 05/18/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/E12398/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lydenafetbedreliv/319_1.mp3?dest-id=765696

#318 - Stefan Green Meinel - Sjæl Og Eksistens - Uendeligheden Og Kvantefysikken - Jagten På Den Store Forklaring På Alting

Published 05/14/2024
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Download directly at https://chrt.fm/track/E12398/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/lydenafetbedreliv/Project_6.MP3.mp3?dest-id=765696