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Unlocking College Life Ilona Phillips and Joy Pehlke Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Welcome to Unlocking College Life!

Real talk about all things college — the good, the bad, the messy, the complicated, all of it. And you get to participate! Our show incorporates what you have to say — your questions and your feedback.

We go beyond our experiences working in higher education and mental health with hundreds of students like you. We reflect on current and ever-present issues of college students, with you and our guests. We‘ll encourage you to try new things in order to connect differently with yourself and others. And we hope to help you shift your perspectives on the college experience, authoring your own path. Let‘s dive in.

This is a Professional podcast!
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Ep34: Brief Episode: Closing Out This Season

Published 05/23/2022
Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/b5un66/Ep34_Closing_the_Season_UCLb796y.mp3

Ep33: Navigating Multiple Identities & Safe Risk-Taking In College - Mel Selber

Published 05/03/2022
Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/ajrfyi/UCL_33v1aefvq.mp3

Ep32: Medical School & Disability Advocacy In Health Care - Kate Panzer

Published 04/26/2022
Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/4xpjsd/UCL_32v1aem4e.mp3

Ep31: The Power Of Student Government - Merry Gebretsadik

Published 04/19/2022
Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/93t8v4/Ep31_Merry_Gebretsadik_UCLv27i9r5.mp3

Ep30: The Music School Experience - Senaida

Published 04/12/2022
Download directly at https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/adnrhv/Ep30_Senaida_UCL_1_7e1iu.mp3