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Vintage Rock Pod – Classic Rock Stories By Vintage Rock Pod Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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The ultimate weekly classic rock show packed full of features, including big name interviews, all the latest news about your favourite golden era rockers, song recommendations, quizzes and fascinating rock facts too! Everything the classic rock fan needs! Hosted by Paul Stephenson, a UK radio veteran, this high quality, comprehensive classic rock podcast won’t disappoint! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, just search for Vintage Rock Pod!
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Rock Stars Share Memories Of The Who!

Published 05/27/2024
Download directly at https://pdst.fm/e/traffic.megaphone.fm/PAN6951721007.mp3?updated=1716500590

Pick Withers - My 5 Favourite...

Published 05/20/2024
Download directly at https://pdst.fm/e/traffic.megaphone.fm/PAN6391847867.mp3?updated=1716197472

Albert Bouchard - My 5 Favourite...

Published 05/13/2024
Download directly at https://pdst.fm/e/traffic.megaphone.fm/PAN7009620536.mp3?updated=1715360213

BONUS: Carmine Appice's NEW Star Studded Album

Published 05/10/2024
Download directly at https://pdst.fm/e/traffic.megaphone.fm/PAN8392713417.mp3?updated=1715282934

Carmine Appice - My 5 Favourite...

Published 05/06/2024
Download directly at https://pdst.fm/e/traffic.megaphone.fm/PAN2078757274.mp3?updated=1714905067