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Within The Musician with Monica Williams Podcast on the World Podcast Network and the NY City Podcast Network
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Welcome! This podcast is a place of discovery for all students, performers, educators and future educator. Join me and my guest each week as we explore why music matters. We will talk about the struggles and the triumphs, But above all we draw inspiration from one another as we explore ways to make ourselves happier and healthier human beings. Music is not just about the study of tone, technique, rhythm or theory. We will explore topics like stress management, perfectionism, communication, connection and above all self care and compassion.

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The Brain And Music, With Stephan Betz, PHD

Published 03/16/2021
Download directly at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1582063/8090674-the-brain-and-music-with-stephan-betz-phd.mp3

Benefits Of Playing Improvised Music

Published 03/02/2021
Download directly at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1582063/7450702-benefits-of-playing-improvised-music.mp3

Music Minus Pain With Lea Pearson

Published 02/17/2021
Download directly at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1582063/7660126-music-minus-pain-with-lea-pearson.mp3

Planning And Goal Setting For Artist With Suz Aka The Rockstar Advocate!

Published 02/09/2021
Download directly at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1582063/7659937-planning-and-goal-setting-for-artist-with-suz-aka-the-rockstar-advocate.mp3

Directing Bands- An Interview With Josh Boyd- Part 1

Published 01/26/2021
Download directly at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1582063/7199320-directing-bands-an-interview-with-josh-boyd-part-1.mp3