376. Writing Your Own Story, Healing, And Finding Closure: Star

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We all like to unwind after a crazy day Whether it s podcasting writing or gaming it s a constructive way for a little bit of mental relief Today s guest is a daddy s girl and we re going to talk about closure and healing from trauma Star joins us to share her journey of self-discovery the importance of mental health and the power of writing as a therapeutic outlet From childhood fan fiction to creating her own universe Star s love for writing has been a constant in her life She reflects on her relationship with her late father the impact of parental influence and the challenges of single parenthood We delve into the concept of closure exploring whether it s truly possible to find peace after trauma Star opens up about her struggles with mental health the importance of therapy and the journey to self-love She also discusses how gaming has been a bonding tool with her children and the balance between work and personal fulfillment Join us for an episode filled with heartfelt reflections practical advice and a celebration of resilience Whether you re a parent a writer or someone on a journey of healing this episode has something for everyone Better Call Daddy The Safe Space for Controversy Connect with Reena – Website bettercalldaddy com – LinkedIn linkedin com in reenafriedmanwatts – Twitter reenareena – Instagram reenafriedmanwatts – Instagram Podcast bettercalldaddypodcast We love hearing your feedback Leave us a review share your thoughts and spread the word about this enriching episode Share it with someone who appreciates the journey of healing and the wisdom of parenthood 00 00 gt Reena Friedman Watts hosts the better call daddy show each week 01 56 gt I wanted to start off with a quote that I just came across 02 47 gt One of your pursuits is writing and you ve been doing it for years 06 52 gt We were talking about closure which is such a fascinating topic 08 58 gt You write about the importance of your children and what role they play in your life 15 51 gt A lot of my experiences with trauma stem from playing video games 18 41 gt Almost every single person you ve dated has been a gamer 20 04 gt Moving to Maine has been the best thing I ve ever done for myself 24 57 gt You met a guy on Twitter and moved from Maine to Florida 29 13 gt Did you ever have conversations with your parents about your life expectations 33 28 gt When did you realize you needed a therapist When did mental health struggle start 35 59 gt You said you get your strong viewpoints from your dad 41 41 gt You said your mom is scared of the world and you have agoraphobia 43 23 gt Star wants to know how to deal with being bored 45 33 gt The way you measure success is what kind of career you re doing 47 00 gt All of us have the potential to mentally break down during stressful situations 50 05 gt Better call Daddy It s never too late to help someone Remember it s not just about the stories we share but the wisdom we gain and the connections we nurture along the way Tune in and get ready to explore the world through Star s eyes Show notes created by https headliner app — Thanks for podcasting with Headliner Click here to visit this podcast episode

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