#39 Over Pathologizing Normal Behavior

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Is Bill Maher right that we over pathologize normal behavior In his New Rules from March 15 2024 he makes the point that no one can just have feelings anymore everything has to be a disease and uses a number of stats to back up his point I go into details about those stats and give my take on whether he might be right about the over pathologizing of what could be considered just every day feelings that people go through Love him or hate him you can t ignore Bill Maher So don t ignore my take on his take Also I say goodbye to the show s previous cohosts and an unexpected visitor makes an appearance It s not what anyone thinks And it s weird Plus your Mental Health Tip of the Day 00 45 – The Elephant in the Room 07 18 – Over Pathologizing Normal Behavior 32 14 – MHToD Click here to visit this podcast episode

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