982 Everyone Is A Storyteller

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These days everyone is telling you you need to be a storyteller You need to be a storyteller in sales and in marketing There are some people who are just natural storytellers with the ability to pull you in with their words and leave you sitting on the edge of the seat Then there is everyone else So maybe you don t feel like you re a storyteller and this whole storytelling thing isn t for you Instead when you meet someone you leap right into the facts I ve been in business twenty years I ve done this blah blah blah Don t do that Nobody wants to hear that You don t have to be a great storyteller to talk about a customer you helped or what it is like to work with you A great story isn t about the teller It is about what it is like to work with you when everything is going right for you and more importantly for your customers So go ahead tell me a story Click here to visit this podcast episode

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