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99. Uli Jon Roth

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We have a special treat for guitar enthusiasts as we sit down with the legendary Uli Jon Roth Known for his incredible talent and iconic contributions to bands like the Scorpions Uli shares his journey with the guitar and how he honed his craft From his early years to his dedication and practice Uli reveals the secrets behind his exceptional playing ability But that s not all We also delve into the technical side of Uli s sound Fans of the early Scorpions albums will be thrilled to hear him discuss the effects and distortion techniques he used to achieve that signature tone on records like Virgin Killer and In Trance Join us as Uli takes us back in time to the height of his career with the Scorpions particularly their iconic live album Tokyo Tapes Hear him reminisce about the significance of that visit to Japan and how it marked the culmination of their journey as a band to that stage Get exclusive insights into the decision he made to leave the Scorpions and pursue his artistic vision with Electric Sun And speaking of life after the Scorpions Uli opens up about his relationship with his former bandmates and the friendship that has endured beyond their time together Find out if there is any chance of a full tour reunion with the Scorpions a question hotly hoped for by eager fans And don t miss out on Uli s revelation about an intriguing offer he received from another prominent band in 1975 Learn which band approached him and why he ultimately turned down the opportunity The stories and insights from Uli Jon Roth himself are not to be missed Learn more about your ad choices Visit megaphone fm adchoices

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