Bennett Maxwell, Founder And Chairman Of Dirty Dough

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In this episode we re thrilled to welcome Bennett Maxwell the dynamic founder and chairman behind Dirty Dough Join us as Bennett delves into his entrepreneurial journey highlighting resilience innovation and the transformative power of turning challenges into opportunities During our interview Bennett shared his remarkable story of building Dirty Dough into one of the nation s fastest-growing restaurant franchises overcoming obstacles such as the CookieWars lawsuits with unwavering determination and strategic prowess We delved into the core principles that have propelled Dirty Dough s success from its innovative centralized production methods to its commitment to simplicity and efficiency Bennett also opened up about his personal mission to prioritize mental wellness as reflected in his podcast Deeper than Dough where he provides invaluable insights and actionable advice for personal growth Join us as we revisit Bennett s inspiring journey and gain further insights into entrepreneurship leadership and the relentless pursuit of excellence Notable Awards and Recognitions Founder and Chairman of Dirty Dough Built Dirty Dough into one of the fastest-growing restaurants in the country with over 60 open locations nationally and 450 signed and slated for development Co-Founder of Switch to Solar Sold in 2021 Host of the Deeper than Dough Podcast Owner of Maxwell Real Estate How to connect with Bennett Maxwell Bennett Maxwell LinkedIn Bennett Maxwell Dirty Dough Cookies – Stuffed Warm Cookies Daily Show Notes 1 17 Brief background and how Bennett got to where he is today 4 07 Key factors that contributed to Dirty Dough s rapid growth 6 08 How Dirty Dough differentiates from his competitors 6 57 Getting through the challenges of the Cookie Wars Lawsuit and lessons learned from these obstacles 8 59 Navigating challenges to continue to scale Dirty Dough to new heights 11 28 Sharing personal moments while maintaining a professional image on social media 13 53 Leaving a Legacy 16 23 Day-to-day lifestyle both personally and professionally 17 54 Ideal franchisee for Dirty Dough 20 32 How to engage with Bennett Dirty Dough as well as Bennett s podcast Deeper Than Dough 23 05 Advice for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand in todays competitive market Click here to visit this podcast episode

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