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Get full-length pulp audiobooks pulp eBooks and old-time radio shows ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD by emailing WeirdDarkness RadioArchives com TONIGHT S RETRO RADIO SHOWS Dimension X With Folded Hands April 15 1950 The Eleventh Hour Accident On Curve Escape The Vessel of Wrath May 10 1953 Murder By Experts The Big Money July 25 1949 Exploring Tomorrow Country Boy December 18 1957 Five After The Hour The Man Without a Face February 23 1945 Hall of Fantasy The Tell-Tale Heart June 01 1953 TONIGHT S WEIRD DARKNESS STORIES More than a hundred years ago reports described it as the most weird and gruesome apartment in the world Why display an entire room full of grotesque items and open it to the public New York Charnel House Kell s Irish Pub in Seattle has a creepy vibe to it even if the displays and decorationsinside aren t meant to be Perhaps that s because the building started its life as a massive mortuary The Beaux Arts Butterworth Building Early one February morning in 1897 John Mars jumped out of bed from a sound sleep and while the smell of breakfast cooking downstairs wafted up to the second level of the house he inexplicably grabbed his pistol and went on a shooting spree of his own family The Act of a Mad Man A four-year-old has a paranormal experience and the man he grew into over 60 years later is still unsure of what happened to him The Lady Laughing In My Bedroom A Malaysian Haunted House To Sell The brutal death of an African slave brings a curse upon the wooden chest he was ordered to construct The Conjure Chest In Tuscaloosa Alabama there is a home built by slaves that is considered the most haunted in Alabama The Haunting of Drish House Drivers are reporting strange ghostly orbs following them on dark roads Haunted Roads and Spook Lights Dang Tan Ngoc is a well-known conman who has used the names of multiple dead soldiers to con veteran groups into giving him money One identity he stole created a fascinating but dark story The Strange Return Of Master Sgt John Hartley Robertson A woman comes home to find her visiting sister murdered and police were convinced she was the one who committed the crime So what went wrong with the case to allow her to get away with it Did Ida Do It A bordello pizza and a haunting You can find them all at the Red Onion Saloon Red Onion Saloon Plus I ll share two Creepypastas from Weirdo family members A Brief History of Egberting from Louise Latham and Dreamality from Kara Raisch SOURCES AND ESSENTIAL WEB LINKS Get FREE radio shows audiobooks and more WeirdDarkness RadioArchives comFind Old Time Radio Show to download http RadioArchives comThe Lady Laughing In My Bedroom by Geof James https tinyurl com yd4uddnxNew York Charnel House posted at https tinyurl com ybsfs68xThe Beaux Arts Butterworth Building by Meg van Huygen https tinyurl com y7h2mkyrThe Act of a Madman by Robert Wilhelm https tinyurl com y9757b7dA Malaysian Haunted House to Sell by Brandon Grimes for Paranormality Magazine http weirddarkness com magazineThe Conjure Chest for The Unexplained Mysteries https tinyurl com m9w2ffgThe Haunting of Drish House by Amanda Penn for Horror Media https tinyurl com y8bovtwpHaunted Roads and Spook Lights by Brent Swancer for Mysterious Universe https tinyurl com ydfwg875The Strange Return Of Master Sgt John Hartley Robertson by Derek Faraci for The 13th Floor site no longer exists Did Ida Do It by Robert Wilhelm for Murder By Gaslight https tinyurl com yamhvs69The Red Onion Saloon by Amanda Penn for Horror Media https tinyurl com y7te6wqe I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness John 12 46Find out how to escape eternal darkness at https weirddarkness com eternaldarknessWeirdDarkness – is a registered trademark Copyright Weird Darkness 2024 CUSTOM WEBPAGE https weirddarkness com WDRRM20240602Click here to visit this podcast episode

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