Ep 9 – 5 Signs You Might Need A Wellness Reset.

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In this episode of Blossoming Beyond listen as Beccy emphasises the importance of recognising the signs your body might be giving you to say it s time for a wellness reset Beccy takes us through what that might look like for you and how to take the steps towards improving overall well-being 2024 Mid-Year Wellness ResetYou ll also hear about how to spot the difference between fatigue and tirednesswhat physical symptoms to look for that indicate a wellness restoration is neededwhy it s important to understand your own body and specific circumstances and so much more Connect with Beccy Freeman here IG – breathe and blossomwww breatheandblossom com auABOUT BECCY FREEMANBeccy is a Womens Health Coach Counsellor and Candle Maker She has an empathic nature a genuine curiosity and loves holding space for other women in a supportive and empowering way nbsp What lights her up is connecting with women and sharing with them ways to support their health and wellness with all-natural low tox joyful options nbsp Beccy empowers women with the knowledge that enables them to make positive and informed decisions regarding their own and their family s health and wellbeing At Breathe and Blossom you are encouraged to nurture and nourish your own soul first and foremost when you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from the overflow- you cannot pour from an empty cup

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