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EP47: Things All Parents Need To Know To Protect Their Children From Predators With CJ Scarlet

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On today s episode CJ Scarlet the Badass Grandma walks us through how to empower kids to be badasses to protect themselves against predators the framework all parents need and how to help children create boundaries in all areas of their lives She shares some staggering statistics when it comes to sexual assault and rape and why it is so important for parents to have these important conversations with their children early This is a must listen episode for people who have children of any age Trigger warning Please note that this episode contains conversations about sexual assault and other types of violence that some people may find disturbing If you want to avoid this content or anything that might trigger you based on the conversation please skip this episode Key takeaways to listen forThree parenting tools for raising abuse awareness among children Statistics all parents need to be aware of when it comes to rape and sexual assaultHow self-defense and polite rejection are taught to kidsCyber issues and pornography and how this is affecting childrenWhy sex education at a young age is crucial What a family meeting can do for transparency trust and honest communicationResources mentioned in this episodeBarkBadass Parenting by CJ Scarlet Kindle and PaperbackFunny Tummy FeelingsAbout CJ ScarletCJ Scarlet aka the Badass Grandma is a danger expert and author of books that help parents empower their kids to protect and defend themselves from dangerous people CJ spent years dealing with the aftermath of her own abusive experiences After taking her power back she became an advocate for others who had been victimized and has helped thousands of survivors claim their power too The former roller-skating carhop forest firefighter and U S Marine photojournalist have been named one of the Happy 100 people on the planet Her story of triumph over adversity is featured in several bestselling books Connect with CJWebsite CJ ScarletEmail cj cjscarlet comAmazon CJ ScarletSupport the show Want to learn more about us Visit our website at www periodtopause com or send an email to amanda periodtopause com Follow us on Instagram periodtopauseFollow our Facebook Page Period to Pause

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