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Going Deeper: Choosing Quality Over Quantity (In Most Things) Can Improve Wellbeing With Oliver Amdrup

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Going Deeper episodes will be less structured with a more conversational tone These conversations will focus on interesting people I ve come across that share similar values perspectives and intentions expressed on the Minimalist Moms Podcast Joining me for today is founder of Puori Oliver Amdrup Oliver is passionate about health and wellness with a mission to bring transparency to the food supplement industry He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity and highlights the need for consumers to be aware of potential contamination in their food and supplements As an entrepreneur and father of three Oliver shares his approach to living an intentional life which includes reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the future He also discusses the principles of stoicism and how they can be practically applied in daily life 00 00 Introduction to Minimalist Moms and Guest Oliver Amdrup Champy 00 13 Oliver s Journey From Business to Health and Wellness 00 21 The Philosophy Behind Puori Pure Origin and Sustainable Sourcing 01 46 Living an Intentional Life Family Minimalism and Reflection 05 58 Stoicism in Daily Life Practical Applications and Reflections 08 52 Minimalism in Practice Travel Design and Lifestyle Choices 11 05 The Intersection of Minimalism and Quality Nutrition 12 32 The Importance of Clean Labeling and Consumer Awareness 20 33 Final Thoughts Quality Over Quantity and Personal Reflections Previous Going Deeper Episodes Leaving Corporate for a More Intentional Career with Sarah Hollingsworth Unschooling with Leah McDermott My Parent is a Hoarder with Tara Clark ——————————- Links Discussed in This Episode Order a Copy of Minimalist Moms Living and Parenting with Simplicity Book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Ryan Holiday Book The Daily Stoic Podcast The Daily Stoic Puori Protein Products Connect with Oliver Website www Puori com IG Puorilife oliveramdrup Enjoy this Podcast Post a review and share it If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast then do not hesitate to write a review You can also share this with your fellow mothers so that they can be inspired to think more and do with less Order or review my book Minimalist Moms Living Parenting With Simplicity Questions You can contact me through my website find me on Instagram or like The Minimalist Moms Page on Facebook Checkout the Minimalist Moms Podcast storefront for recommendations from Diane Need help decluttering I m here to help If you ve been struggling with motivation to declutter I d love to help you achieve your goals in your home We ll work together locally or virtually to discover what areas in your home are high priority to get you feeling less overwhelmed right away For more info on my processes fees and availability please contact Episode Sponsors The Minimalist Moms Podcast would not be possible without the support of weekly sponsors Choosing brands that I believe in is important to me I only want to recommend brands that I believe may help you in your daily life As always never feel pressured into buying anything Remember if you don t need it it s not a good deal

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