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How We Promote Your Podcast and Increase Its Exposure in 2022

At the Podcast Network, we are always looking to promote podcasts in the best possible way. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends so you can go on podcasting and leave the marketing and branding to us. Of course, like everything else in this world, podcasting changes often and it is up to the podcaster to keep on top of it, but if you just want to run your podcast, we got you covered! We are always looking to develop new tools and reporting to help you increase your audience, exposure, and engagement.

A list of the podcast promotion tools and features we have developed up to now and how to use them…

Podcast and Episode Search Results

Our comprehensive search results look for podcasts and then episodes. This helps us show both to our visitors who are looking for a podcast with YOUR topic. We recommend using long tail and short tail keywords, like SEO for websites, in your episode descriptions when you release episodes on Anchor, Libsyn, PodBean, Buzzsprout or whatever your podcasting hosting platform is. When we pull your data from your RSS feed, we catalog it in our search results so we can present your episodes to our visitors who are looking for the answers that your podcast and its episodes can provide.

Strategy to using this to get more audience members: Check back often on our main search page, because the list of the most popular search terms change constantly. You can find new audience members by using these keywords and popular search terms in your podcast episodes.

Various Categories and Our Ultimate Podcast Category Guide

We want your podcast to come up in as many categories as possible. With 12 main categories and over 75 subcategories, we provide both podcasts and visitors a reliable way to connect helping podcasts find new audience members. Free podcasts get one category while Professional-level podcasts get up to 5 categories. We also track the most popular categories, where people click, and which categories they select, so we have statistics on the most popular categories. Our categories are organized first by episodes and then by podcasts. Episodes are always listed in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent episodes are always on top. This arrangement allows up to provide visitors with the most relevant and recent podcast episodes. The podcasts section are always presented in random order with the Professional-level podcasts always coming on top. Within each level, we mix them up randomly to give each podcast a chance to come up on top. We feel this is the most fair way to do it.

Our Ultimate Podcast Category Guide shows all podcasts by category. We list each podcast out. Audience members can shop by title. We highlight categories that have at least 5 podcasts. Anything under 5 is shown in a list on the bottom.

Podcast Directory

This page shows every podcast on our network organized by level with Professional-level podcasts showing first, Basic level shown next and Free podcasts shown last. If your podcast is sponsored, we also highlight it in a bright green border to make them stand out.

Daily Leaderboard

The daily leaderboard is a collection of podcasts who are trending the highest within the last 24 hours. It updates every day and is a ranking of the highest amount votes within those 24 hours. Most podcasters do not know how their audience engages with them other than a rating on Apple Podcasts, but beyond that, it is hard to know whether your audience members actually listen to your podcast episodes or not. The daily leaderboard is a way to ask your audience members to engage with your podcast by voting up your episodes. You can read a description of how the voting system rules works here. It is a way to way to find new audience members, because we make this leaderboard very prominent on our home page, podcast directory and other places of our podcast network.

Every day, the podcasts with the most votes rise in the rankings and we show the top 10 within those 24 hours. We have seen brand new podcasts rise in the ranks.

Strategy to using this to get new podcast audience members: Push your episodes and tell people to vote for your episodes. Episodes that are 60 days and more recent will be eligible.

Staff Favorites

Our staff is always hard at work with keep our podcast network operating smoothly every day. It is not an easy task for one person, so our staff splits up marketing, branding, maintenance and web development. You can meet our staff on our about page. This is a great way to find new audience members for your podcast as audience members trust our judgment to recommend the best podcast episodes. This page is a very high-traffic page.

The Staff Favorites page is a listing of the podcast episodes we find to be listen-worthy. We shop the newest podcast episodes by title and artwork, so creating artwork that gets our attention and the attention of your potential audience members is important. We only select podcast episodes that were published 21 days (will possibly change to 14 days in the near future) to the present date, so if your podcast episode is a month old, it will not be considered by our staff. The key to getting having your episodes selected by our staff is to publish podcast episodes often.  Professional-level podcasts are also selected more often than Basic and Free-level podcasts.

World Podcast Network Facebook Page

For those podcasts on the Professional-level, we publish new episodes every day on our Facebook page at

Podcast News Engine

Coming in July 2022, our new Podcast News engine will allow podcasters to spread the news. Have a famous guest on your show? Have a cool episode that is for a cause? Did your podcast get 1,000 ratings on Apple Podcasts? Let people know!

News items will be free to post and will be published for 7 days. Paid upgrades including extending the 7 days, bolding, highlighting, top billing will also be available.

Listen to our podcast on podcasting success!