Kristofor Healey: Leadership Is In The Hard Call

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Send us a Text Message SummaryIn this conversation Steve Baumgartner and Christopher Healy discuss various topics related to law enforcement leadership and their personal experiences Baumgartner shares his experience working on the southern border dealing with corruption and drug trafficking He also talks about blowing the whistle on his own boss and the importance of standing up for what is right The conversation highlights the challenges and complexities of leadership in law enforcement and the need for merit-based promotions and true leadership skills In this conversation Steve Baumgartner discusses the importance of leadership and the role of internal affairs in government agencies He highlights the need for leaders who remove obstacles and make the lives of their team members easier Baumgartner also explains the necessity of internal affairs in every government agency to prevent fraud and corruption He shares his experience in investigating tele-fraud cases and the tactics used by scammers Additionally he talks about his book apos Valor 365 Stoic Meditations for First Responders apos which offers practical wisdom from Stoic philosophy for individuals in high-stress professions TakeawaysLaw enforcement agencies often promote problems instead of promoting those who are qualified and demonstrate leadership skills True leadership is not determined by rank or title but by the respect and trust of peers and the ability to make sound decisions Blowing the whistle on corruption and standing up for what is right is essential even if it may not make one popular Merit-based promotions and a focus on leadership skills are crucial in law enforcement organizations Leaders should be open to listening to others recognizing their expertise and making decisions based on the best ideas regardless of rank or experience The best leaders are those who remove obstacles and make the lives of their team members easier Internal affairs is necessary in every government agency to prevent fraud and corruption Tele-fraud cases are on the rise and scammers use various tactics to exploit people Stoic philosophy offers practical wisdom for individuals in high-stress professions Baumgartner apos s book apos Valor 365 Stoic Meditations for First Responders apos provides insights and tools for individuals in law enforcement and other high-stress careers Chapters00 00 The Importance of Law Enforcement on the Border02 14 Introduction and Background of Christopher Healy09 46 Getting Involved in Law Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security23 32 Blowing the Whistle on Corruption and the Consequences27 10 Promoting Problems Instead of Leaders in Law Enforcement32 53 The Need for Merit-Based Promotions and True Leadership37 19 Leadership and Removing Obstacles39 44Support the Show To interact more with Steve the Fire Forged Leader – follow him on the socials Website www fireforgedleader comFacebook FireForgedLeader Instagram FireForgedLeaderTwitter Steve FFLLinkedIn Steve BaumgartnerYouTube Fire Forged LeaderFor gifts out of the box or custom please check out the Baumgartner apos s family business specializing in laser engraving cutting of many different materials sublimation and other creative works www 2ndChapterCreatives com The opinions expressed in this podcast and www fireforgedleader com are solely those of the presenter and guests and not of Steve Baumgartner s employer His employer does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information provided herein

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