Qadet’s Music Is Ready For Your Podcast

If you like hip hop with an edge and a groove, give Qadet’s singles Man Boobs (Anthem) and Robot Cat (They Don’t Need Jake).  Qadet’s music is slow, groovy, relaxing, and a nice change from the current hip hop sound of today. Podcasters: If you are looking for a cool hip hop track for your show, give Qadet a listen on the above links or the Podsafe Music Directory where they are featured at the top.

As described by Qadet:

Man Boobs Anthem is potential workout song and motivational hype song for everyone out there looking for new music. Robot Cat is an experimental techno and music storytelling song very catchy and great for all ages the kid song of the decade.

Direct your podcast subscribers over to Qadet’s music on Apple:

Man Boobs (Anthem)

Robot Cat

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