The Town Haul Podcast With Dynamic Host Amy Koonin Taylor

The Town Haul Podcast With Dynamic Host Amy Koonin Taylor

Hosted by dynamic host, Amy Koonin of Rubicon, the Town Haul podcast has episodes on sustainability stories from the biggest brands helping to improve the planet. This podcast is all about cleaning up the waste left by people around the planet. Amy is so dynamic that we keeps our attention all the way through which is something that a lot of podcasts do not do well. Tow Haul does it perfectly. Episodes average around 20 to 30 minutes and the podcast has some of the most prominent guests. With almost 60 episodes and over 600 positive reviews on Apple Podcasts to date, Amy shows no signs of stopping when spreading her message through this podcast by herself and her guests.
Amy is not only dynamic. She is also honest, funny and knows how to keep her audience interested from start to finish on every episode.  This podcast helps small businesses to save money while also helping to save the environment. If you have a small to medium-sized business and you want to help save the environment and make the planet a better place, DEFINITELY subscribe to the Town Haul podcast and leave them a 5-start review on Apple Podcasts.

Some of our Favorite Episodes:

These are just some of the best episodes, but there are others as well that you may also find:

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