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Amazon is now limiting authors to a mere THREE 3 new book uploads per DAY to curb the influx of AI-generated content flooding the market This highlights the existential threat AI poses to thought leaders and authority builders in an age where artificial intelligence can seemingly replicate any form of content Will AI devalue the work of authors speakers and content creators How can thought leaders protect their hard-earned authority and credibility In this episode of The Recognized Authority Alastair McDermott is joined by thought partner Al McBride to dissect the existential threat AI poses to experts and thought leaders The conversation delves into the pros and cons of leveraging AI for automating content repurposing across multiple formats like podcasts blogs and videos While AI assistance can streamline workflows the speakers emphasize the irreplaceable value of the human writing and editing process for clarifying expertise They examine the potential of podcasting video content and live interactive sessions to humanize brands and build authentic connections that AI struggles to replicate They discuss strategies for demonstrating true mastery through unscripted Q amp As webinars and cultivating a vast body of work Key Insights Leveraging AI for content repurposing across formats can save time but may devalue human-created content Traditional writing and editing help clarify thinking and develop deep expertise Video content live interactions and formats like live streaming and webinars build human connections that AI currently struggles to replicate emphasizing the importance of unscripted expertise Having a large and diverse body of authentic work across multiple content platforms is harder for AI to convincingly mimic than individual assets Interactive elements such as live Q amp As are crucial for demonstrating proven mastery in a field Use AI writing tools with extensive input such as custom GPTs uploading your own works and using dictation to retain your unique voice Prioritize video and podcasting now while these media still carry inherent credibility Finding balance in understanding AI s capabilities without ignoring or fearing the technology is key Check out Alastair s new show The AI-Powered Thought Leader SHOW The Recognized Authority is the podcast amp YouTube show that helps experts amp consultants on the journey to becoming a recognized authority in your field so you can increase your impact command higher fees and work with better clients SUBSCRIBE on YouTube https rec nz ytsubscribe COACHING Find out more about working with Alastair https rec nz coaching – BOOKS Searching Alastair McDermott on Amazon https www amazon com stores author B017M706MU allbooks Expert Authority Builder Series 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Podcast A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Recording and Launching Your Business Podcast Quick Win Content How to Create a Single Piece of Engaging amp Effective Content That Resonates with Potential Clients and Generates Quality Leads Efficient Content Creation A Practical Guide to Consistently Creating High-Quality Content in a Busy Schedule How to Sound amp Look Good on Zoom amp Podcasts Tips amp Audio Video Recommendations for Consultants amp Experts – FOLLOW Alastair and The Recognized Authority ON SOCIAL MEDIA – LINKEDIN https www linkedin com in AlastairMcDermott – FACEBOOK https www facebook com TheRecognizedAuthority – INSTAGRAM https www instagram com TheRecognizedAuthority – WEBSITE https TheRecognizedAuthority com Click here to visit this podcast episode

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