You Must Be Born Again #21

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Summary Being saved or born again is not the complicated action that many make it out to be It say s in Revelation 3 20 that the Lord stands at the door and knocks All we really have to do is just open the door and receive Him into our hearts Very simple After that it is our responsibility not to dwell at that initial salvation experience but to keep exposing ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit to what the Father wants us to become and to do The purpose is actullay to become like Jesus Show Notes When Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and Jesus told him that he must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven he asked How can a person be born again That s a question most people have in the beginning of their walk with God Being born again is not logical to the human reasoning The understanding only comes when you open up to salvation and His Spirit Being saved or born again is not the end game It s just the beginning to becoming a mature son or daughter in the Lord and it s a lifetime process to become like Jesus When we first get saved or have an initial experience with the Father it can be like going on a honeymoon with Him and it lights you up in your spirit But the feeling can taper off after a while There really is no such thing in the Bible as a sinner s prayer All you actullay have to do is open up when He knocks on the door of your heart and just receive Him in After your salvation experience at some point the enemy will try to convince you that you aren t saved That is the evidence that you are saved We don t have to be a professional at all to help guide someone to Jesus All we have to do is encourage a person to receive Jesus into their heart No big prayer or anything This is happening so much in this season If you don t keep reaching into Him with the help of the Holy Spirit Quotes Don t try to justify with logic that which can only be attained and understood by faith One is spiritual the other is flesh When you are born again you are in the Kingdom Actually if we are alive and on the planet we are in the Kingdom We may not be connected through salvation by being born again but the Kingdom of God is the domain under which God is the King The evangelical church has made being born again the end game If we are not careful we get a lot of people saved but we don t get a lot of people established and in growing in their faith We really make a point of that around here When I was born again I knew that something had happened Because when I would do something or say something that was out of the character of Jesus I immediately knew it And that s a sensitive asset that the Holy Spirit brings into our lives that helps guide us and connect us Hopefully we never lose that No man comes to the Father unless the spirit draws him The Spirit of God draws us to the Lord We can either say yes or we can say no You can t find anywhere in the Bible that the 12 were even saved They just began to walk with Jesus All it takes is for you to just say Lord I receive you into my life God is trusting the spiritual well being of these 8 billion people to you and people like you That s a huge responsibility References John 3 1-16 Revelation 3 20 Matthew 16 19 Takeaways Being born again is not the end of the game for a Christian but it s just the first step in growing and maturing in God so that we are able to have a close relationship with Him and become like Him in our lives It s tragic for any Christian to just receive salvation when there is so much to have and to be in God Click here to visit this podcast episode

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