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1003: Emotional Reasoning Examples And Solutions For Self-Defeating Beliefs

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In today s episode Gina discusses how to use our emotional reasoning and thinking to our advantage rather than let it contribute to our anxiety and defeat A number of cognitive distortions are identified as well as how to combat these tendencies Looking to the positive or even simply the neutral can go a long way to preserving our mental health and emotional stability n Listen in to find out how to do this effectively today Please visit our Sponsor Page to find all the links and codes for our awesome sponsors https www theanxietycoachespodcast com sponsors Thank you for supporting The Anxiety Coaches Podcast Find even more peace and calm with our Supercast premium access membership https anxietycoaches supercast com Here s what s included for 5 month New Ad-Free episodes every Sunday and Wednesday Access to the entire Ad-free back-catalog with over 600 episodes Premium meditations recorded with you in mind And more fun surprises along the way All this in your favorite podcast app To learn more go to https www theanxietycoachespodcast com Join our Group Coaching Full or Mini Membership Program Learn more about our One-on-One Coaching What is anxiety Quote Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes Don t resist them that only creates sorrow Let reality be reality Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like -Lao Tzu Chapters 0 00 24 Introduction and the theme of self-defeating beliefs 0 01 19 Example 1 Filtering – Focusing on the negative 0 03 30 Example 2 Black and white thinking – All or nothing mentality 0 05 39 Example 3 Overgeneralization – Exaggerating or taking things to the extreme 0 07 22 Example 4 Mind reading – Making assumptions about others 0 09 14 Example 5 Catastrophizing – Expecting and projecting the worst 0 12 46 Ignoring Emergencies and Seeking Immediate Relief 0 14 39 Seeking Help and Relief from Anxiety Summary In this episode of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast Gina Ryan discusses the impact of cognitive distortions on our mental well-being She explores the concept of emotional reasoning and how it contributes to self-defeating beliefs Drawing from personal experience Gina shares her journey of recognizing and overcoming these beliefs Gina delves into various cognitive distortions highlighting real-life examples and their solutions She first explores the concept of filtering where individuals focus solely on the negative aspects of a situation She offers strategies for shifting perspective and finding balance Next Gina addresses black and white thinking where individuals perceive things as either perfect or a complete failure She provides tools for challenging this rigid mindset and finding the shades of gray Overgeneralization which involves exaggerating or taking things to the extreme is another cognitive distortion discussed by Gina She shares techniques for reframing thoughts and practicing self-compassion Mind reading the act of making assumptions about others thoughts or motivations is also tackled in the episode Gina offers guidance on cultivating open communication and directly asking others for clarification Throughout the conversation Gina emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in identifying and challenging these self-defeating beliefs She encourages listeners to embrace the concept of present-moment awareness and engage in self-reflection In addition to cognitive distortions Gina addresses other patterns of thinking such as catastrophizing and personalization She stresses the significance of seeking professional guidance or support from loved ones when necessary Learn more about your ad choices Visit megaphone fm adchoices

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