Brian Fitzpatrick, CEO And Chairman Of Qredible

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Welcome to another episode of the Business Leaders of America Podcast In this episode we had the privilege of speaking with Brian Fitzpatrick the CEO and Chairman of Qredible Brian leads Qredible the world s first enterprise quality management ecosystem designed specifically for high-risk industries like cannabis CBD and nutraceuticals Qredible is transforming these industries through its AI-powered blockchain-enabled SaaS platform which efficiently connects the entire product supply chain from end to end With over 25 years of experience as a CEO and Executive Leader Brian has a proven track record in building and advancing financial and regulatory technology companies to successful exits He specializes in innovative cloud-based software solutions that tackle complex industry issues using advanced technologies such as machine learning robotic process automation and blockchain During our interview Brian shared the mission of Qredible and its impact on the safety and compliance of high-risk industries We discussed the biggest challenges he has faced while building Qredible and how he overcame them Brian provided valuable examples highlighting the importance of robust regulatory and compliance measures and he shared his strategies for staying current with the latest trends in technology and business We also delved into his future aspirations for Qredible and his advice for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs Notable Awards and Recognitions CEO and Chairman of Qredible 25 years of experience in software and related platform companies having built-up financial and regulatory tech companies and advancing them to successful exits SmartCEO s Voltage Award as a recognized Leader in Technology Awarded HousingWire Magazine s prestigious Vanguard Award which is awarded to a C-Level Executives 2x finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Philadelphia Region Finalist for the Marcum Innovator of the Year Award How to connect with Brian Fitzpatrick Brian Fitzpatrick LinkedIn Qredible Inc Enterprise Quality Management System SaaS for Highly Regulated Industries Overview LinkedIn Fitz On Life Newsletter LinkedIn Qredible – YouTube Show Notes 1 41 Brief intro on how Brian got to where he is today 6 05 Mission behind Qredible and how it s transforming the safety and compliance of high-risk industries 10 12 Challenges while building Qredible 15 07 The importance of having regulatory and compliance measures in place 20 16 How Qredible stays current with trends and changes in laws 24 07 How legalization of cannabis on a federal level will actually benefit Qredible 26 20 Brian s aspirations for Qredible and other ventures he s involved in 30 21 How to connect with Brian and learn more about Qredible 31 28 Advice for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs

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