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Can you really make money with your podcast in 2021?

As podcasters, you work hard on editing and recording your podcast. Podcasts are fun to create, but a lot of work. You SHOULD be paid for spending all this time and effort to put out all of this great content in your voice, style, individual niche. With almost 300 podcasts on our podcast network, most podcasters tell me that they are frustrated, because their podcast is not making them money. This is where subscribing to this newsletter and becoming a Professional-level podcast comes in. More about that below.

You can send your audience to a URL for your affiliate link, your book purchase on Amazon or your product page on eBay, but people just do not remember URLs once you mention them. They do not write them down and they will hardly pause your podcast to visit the page. One way to resolve this is to add an accompanying blog post to your podcast and add the transcript of your podcast. Tell your audience in the BEGINNING that they can follow along with your audio. There are great websites that accept your podcast MP3 file and type out the content for your blog. Reply to this email if you want that information. From there, your blog post will list the link to make the purchase. BUT will they click the link once they arrive on your blog post? Will they read the entire post? Questions that most of us will never know.

Answer and solution: Do not be shy to have your audience perform an action. Add a call-to-action starting with a verb (remember verbs are actions) and include a benefit. Remember, that you can make money from your audience if you offer them a valuable item that benefits them with every single episode. For example, mention this in your podcast “For a special discount of 10% off, enter this coupon code on my Amazon page. Visit my blog post for the discount code“. That is two subtle calls to action which could increase your sales AND visits to your blog post..

With the podcast world becoming as saturated as blogs and Facebook pages, how to you get the message out? How do you engage your captive audience? You can do it, but here are some real quick tips that I advise my podcast clients:

Here are 5 sure fire methods that have worked for me on the past when I was podcasting and you WILL make money from these methods, although it may not happen on day one. Keep plugging away on every OTHER podcast episode so you do not lose your audience with annoying sales tactics.

  1. Realize that retention rate drops on podcasts for longer podcasts, so get the money making part out of the way within the first 5 minutes of your podcast, before people drop off.
  2. Podcast every week on the same day of the week, so your subscribers start trusting you that you are a real dedicated professional and not some fly by night operation will podcast once, ask for a sale and then leave.
  3. Offer a discount on any paid product or service and include a coupon code at the END of your podcast episodes. However, tell your subscribers that you are offering them a coupon code, but do NOT tell them that it is at the end of your podcast episode or they will just advance right to the end.
  4. Start a mailing list on MailChimp or Constant Contact to let your subscribers know that they can join your mailing list for even more discounts.
  5. Review a product or service on your podcast and get it for free from the original seller. Then, offer the review for free on your podcast, but list the URL and tell the seller that y9u would like a commission on all sales.

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