Delayed Cord-Clamping: The Risks, Benefits, And Methods You Need To Know Before Giving Birth

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I want this episode to give you some things to think about when it comes to delayed cord-clamping and questions to ask your provider We ll talk about the pros and cons and different methods of cord-clamping which I hope will help you make the decision of how you want to handle it for you and your baby a little easier To Leave a Review Open Apple PodcastsFind Pregnancy amp Birth Made Easy podcastSelect Ratings and Reviews Click the stars Select Write a Review and tell us what was the most amazing comforting eye-opening thing that you loved Links Mentioned My Essential Birth CourseMy Essential Birth InstagramACOG s Recommendations for Delayed Cord-ClampingImportance of Blood Transfer between Placenta and BabyThe Birth Partner by Penny SimkinGET IN TOUCH Reach out at any time to hello myessentialbirth com We love hearing from you Looking for more info on the birth course CLICK HERE For the THREE FREE EXERCISES – Get your FREE Download here Follow us here on INSTAGRAM Click here to visit this podcast episode

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