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The musician d$avage is one of the rising stars of this generation. Night Fire is available on our podsafe music directory and can be downloaded directly by clicking this link. We want you to preview it and include it on your podcast. From start to finish, the song is a tremendous one. The song is well-crafted because of the intensity he has put into it. The song’s magnificent concept and sped-up and electric vocals make it stand out as one of the year’s best on the podsafe music directory of our podcast network.

The song’s most varied performer is the artist. d$avage’s music is available on Spotify for the listening pleasure of your podcast audience. If you want to get better visibility of his music’s quality, I recommend following the artist on Spotify to be alert for future releases.

The Night Fire artwork

As a cover designer for the streaming blue landscape gravitates towards strong, visual layouts that take advantage of color and texture as well as negative space.” The art’s pared-down style was clearly in keeping with the company’s values.

How amazing is hip-hop music sound

Among all popular music, hip-hop routinely exhibits the highest level of musical inventiveness, and it’s also more engaging than the majority of so-called “art music.”

Rhyming artists that weave stories or create pictures in their lyrics are what we call “real” hip hop. There you have it. It’s fascinating to learn about life in the slums, street violence, and other extremes to which I’ve never been exposed.

Night Fire is no exception. We look forward to including more music from D$aVAGE in the near future.

How talented of a rapper he is

It’s all a question of personal preference. If you ask me, I don’t think rapping or rapping is a talent. The way he presents or performs a rap, on the other hand, I believe to be a skill. You don’t have to be an expert rapper to be able to show off your work in an entertaining, innovative, and fascinating way. Because he has a good voice and this talent is his gift, he considers singing to be a talent. Night Fire starts out with an amazing keyboard introduction and then the rap starts. I compare D$aVAGE to artists like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Eminem. 

How he has a big fan base on Spotify at

At the time of this blog post writing, D$aVAGE has over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and rising. By the time you read this blog post, it could be another 10,000 listeners higher. The single Night Fire was only released a few months ago. Pretty impressive. 

For other hip hop artists, to be a successful artist like D$aVAGE, you must first cultivate a following of devoted listeners. You can only reach your destination with your music-making skills. As a musician, you’ll also need to know how to promote, brand, engage with fans, and more. To increase the visibility of his channel, he adhered to a few simple guidelines.

  • Build a brand
  • Get feathered on music blogs
  • Run competitions or giveaways
  • Create video content
  • Dashing Artist Banner
  • Sensational Photos
  • Get the most out of the “Shared Fans’ Spotify Algorithm” by optimizing your playlist.
  • Work with Other Artists in Similar Fields


D$AVAGE is from Gonzales, Louisiana. He is the best of the new artists coming out of that area His lyrics have gotten the attention of some of the best artists in the business. This websites serve as a medium for bringing like-minded musicians and music lovers together. You will get all the upcoming music or live show related information, photos. Also you can find his social media link and Youtube channel.

On Your Podcast 

You may download Night Fire from D$aVAGE  for your podcast. This song was inspired by a custom made glock 17 by Black Rose Firearms. When I purchased the glock it was nostalgic to me because it reminded me of the video game Night Fire on PlayStation 2

You can download Night Fire from Apple at

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