Marvel’s New Strategy, Superman’s New Look, Planet Of The Apes, And So Much More!

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Geek Freaks This week hosts Frank Jonathan and Thomas dive into the latest geek culture news and debates From an intense showdown between Green Lantern and Doctor Strange to the newest casting announcements for the Fantastic Four and Peacemaker we ve got it all covered Join us as we discuss the upcoming third season of The Bear speculate on the future of the Superman franchise with James Gunn s new vision and get hyped for Marvel s revised release strategy Plus don t miss out on our fun segments and a chance to win exclusive Geek Freaks merchandise Show Notes 0 00 – 0 22 – Intro Hosts Frank Jonathan and Thomas are back in the studio after three weeks of live shows 0 22 – 0 51 – Episode Overview Discussion topics Peacemaker casting The Bear and more Jonathan will be quizzed at the end of the episode with a chance for listeners to win a mug 0 51 – 4 33 – Fan Question Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange Debate on who would win in a fight between Green Lantern and Doctor Strange Online poll results Doctor Strange 76 Green Lantern 24 Discussion on Green Lantern s willpower vs Doctor Strange s magic 4 33 – 5 01 – Network News Patreon Updates Announcing the return of Patreon giveaways and restructuring rewards This month s giveaway Yeti Snowball microphone 5 01 – 6 08 – Challenge Accepted Podcast Upcoming Episodes Upcoming episodes X-Men 97 finale and a watch party Thomas challenged to watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6 08 – 7 05 – News Segment Fantastic Four Casting John Malkovich joins the cast of Fantastic Four Speculation on his role possible villains include Annihilus Molecule Man or Herbie the Robot 7 05 – 10 33 – Villain Casting Discussion Ralph Ineson cast as Galactus Speculation on Giancarlo Esposito s role in the MCU potential candidates include Professor X and Annihilus 10 33 – 13 00 – The Bear Season 3 Announcement Season 3 release date June 27th Discussion on the show s intense and realistic portrayal of the culinary industry 13 00 – 15 15 – Peacemaker Season 2 Casting Frank Grillo joins the cast James Gunn s cohesive multiverse strategy for DC shows and movies 15 15 – 17 10 – Superman First Look at David Corenswet James Gunn s grounded approach to the new Superman Discussion on the first images and humanizing aspects of the character 17 10 – 18 32 – Shogun Potential Season 2 Hiroyuki Sanada s return for a potential second season Speculation on the continuation of the story 18 32 – 19 00 – The Office Reboot Excitement and concerns about the reboot set in a dying newspaper office 19 00 – 21 00 – Marvel s New Release Strategy Bob Iger s announcement reducing Marvel releases to two movies and two shows per year Discussion on the benefits of focusing on quality over quantity 21 00 – 23 00 – X-Men 97 and Marvel Television Excitement for upcoming Marvel shows and movies including Deadpool and Wolverine The importance of maintaining event-like releases for Marvel content 23 00 – 24 40 – MCU Timeline Update Discussion on the new MCU timeline and where Fantastic Four fits in Speculation on how Fantastic Four s 60s setting will integrate with the current MCU Call to Action Join the Patreon for exclusive giveaways and bonus episodes Participate in the social media quiz to win a Geek Freaks mug Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Challenge Accepted and join the watch party for X-Men 97 Follow Us Twitter GeekFreaksPod Instagram and Threads GeekFreaksPodcast Patreon patreon com GeekFreakspodcast Website GFPods com Keywords Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange Fantastic Four MCU casting Peacemaker Season 2 The Bear Season 3 release Superman David Corenswet Shogun Season 2 The Office Reboot Marvel release strategy X-Men 97 Challenge Accepted Podcast Primary Category TV Film Subcategory Film Reviews Subcategory TV Reviews Secondary Category Leisure Subcategory Video Games Subcategory Animation Manga Click here to visit this podcast episode

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