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If you have a growing network in a specific niche, the World and the Long Island Podcast Network are always looking to partner with like minded entrepreneurs and businesses including those with a growing membership on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The strategic partners below are working alongside the World Podcast Network to bring on board new podcasts and musicians who are interested in having their music played on podcasts.

To become our partner:

To suggest a partnership, fill out our partnership form by clicking here or scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Become our Partner:

The World Podcast Network has several ways of working with partners: Partnership Referral Program and Turnkey Website Network Program
    1. Partnership Referral Program – You simply refer to podcasters to us and we pay a referral fee. We will add your name to the “How Did You Hear About Us” menu on our signup form and when podcasters select your name, you will receive 35% of all referrals for paid signups when you are selected on that menu. This is the simpler and quicker method.
    2. Turnkey Website Network Program – How would you like your very own podcast network? The work is already done! No need to hire an expensive web development company. If you are interested, partner with us. We did all of the heavy lifting and web development and there is a LOT of web development that goes into this. We will skin our podcast network website and you can attach any domain name to it. You own the domain name and we both own the website, but you are free to create as many web pages as you would like through the WordPress content management system. With your own turnkey website, you run the website and add as many pages as you’d like, but will not have access to the back end code since you would not need to. There is no need for web development. We handle it all!With this partnership program, we will white label it in your name and colors. You can connect any social media to it that you own. You will have unlimited podcasts complete with their own dedicated pages, views system, level system, and signup form. You can design your home page any way you’d like and see it by using the WordPress widget system. You are also free to charge any price you want as long as we both agree.
Your costs?  You may be wondering what this will cost you, so we are proud to say free, however, you will pay all of the expenses associated including the domain name, web hosting on our platform, SSL certificate, marketing, and any other costs associated, but your fee to us is nothing. You simply pay the expenses, operate the website and get the paid podcasters. Who can have a podcast network and what types of podcast networks can we build together? The sky is the limit, because we can build a podcast network for any type of theme including, but not limited to:
  • a specific geographic area like a city, state, province. For example, the Los Angeles Podcast Network, Boston Podcast Network, American Podcast Network
  • a specific hobby: How about the Music Podcast Network or the Foodie Podcast Network
  • any field or industry: The Stand-Up Comedy Podcast Network for example

    Optional Social Media