Research Uncovers Three Words The Most Successful And Productive People Use That Most Are Scared To Say

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Ever said something you instantly regretted We apos ve all been there But what separates the high achievers the super productive folks from the rest in these moments It apos s not the mistake itself but three words Today we re talking about why these three words elevate you and how people see you what the research says and how to do it correctly because it s not just as simple as saying the three words CONNECT WITH US Claim Your Weekly EDGE Newsletter to Boost Your Productivity It apos s FREE Over 24 225 listeners and counting If you have an amazing productivity tool or app that will make people more productive please reach out to us at b at brandon c white dot com OTHER GREAT PODCASTS ON THE BEST PODCASTS NETWORK How to Write a Business Plan Podcast Owning a Business Podcast MARKETING Podcast The Brandon White Show Thanks for listening to the productivity podcast

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