Teaching Kids About Space W/ Dean Regas From Cincinnati Observatory

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This week on The Cosmic Companion we look at Teaching Kids About Space as we welcome astronomer Dean Regas to the show He is the author of a new book 1 000 Facts About Space from National Geographic Kids In years past students didn t have a lot of resources for learning about the stars and planets They would have to rely on books or perhaps a telescope if they were lucky But all that began to change in the 20th century In the 1920s and 30s planetariums began to pop up in schools and museums around the world These dome-shaped theaters make use of special projectors simulating the night sky providing viewers with an up-close and personal look at the stars and planets This was a game changer for astronomy education as it allowed kids and adults a means to experience the night sky in a way that wasn t possible before that time Get full access to The Cosmic Companion w James Maynard at thecosmiccompanion substack com subscribeClick here to visit this podcast episode

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