983 Build Your Brand With AI

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Laura Templeton dropped by for a conversation about using AI to build your brand an author and international speaker discusses using AI to build your brand with Lorraine Ball At first the idea might sound a bit out there but Laura dives into how AI specifically ChatGPT can be customized to reflect your brand s voice and values Laura explains the concept of custom instructions in ChatGPT where you can teach it about your brand your audience and your preferred tone She likens it to teaching a child it takes patience and guidance to get it right so the tone doesn t feel stiff or overly casual With practice and clear feedback ChatGPT can generate valuable content for various purposes such as website copy social media posts blogs and lead magnets Laura stresses the importance of reviewing and editing the generated content to ensure it aligns with your brand s message and style The conversation also touches on SEO concerns with Laura reassuring that ChatGPT can be beneficial for SEO as it understands your brand s keywords and can incorporate them naturally into the content it generates If you enjoyed this conversation be sure to check out my other chat with Laura – BETTER NETWORKING RESULTS Click here to visit this podcast episode

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