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Claudio Lopes – Little Boy

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About This Single

This single is dedicated to my nephews Gabriel and Afonso. It is the first single released from the Time Lapse album, symbolising the youthful stage of life. Youth is often associated with energy, enthusiasm, and vitality, representing a phase of growth, exploration, and personal development. While it is commonly associated with people in their teenage years or early twenties, individuals in their forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond who possess a youthful attitude and perspective towards life can also be considered part of this stage. The album artwork has been created through a collage of old pictures from my youth, portraying some of the incredible moments I experienced as a child. The song, with an experimental tone, features energetic guitar riffs, a solo, bass and drums complementing the theme of the music. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

About Claudio Lopes:

I have contributed to the Performing Arts on a wide range of roles, as a performer, teacher, composer and project leader in different countries around Europe, America and Asia. I have experience in performing solo, with orchestras, various ensembles, wind band and conducting. My passion in music education and performing arts is on-going and I am currently teaching music in a leading British boarding school in Hong Kong. I was awarded with a full scholarship to obtain both Bachelor (2:1 with honours) and master’s degree in performance (distinction) from the Royal Northern College of Music. My second master’s degree of music education was obtained at ESART from Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco in Portugal. I am an adventurous person by nature who loves to explore the world. I like challenging myself by setting varied goals, experiencing different cultures, building up connections and learning new skills.
Total Engagement: 309* / Genre:ROCK / ALTERNATIVE

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