Dan Hurley & The Lakers | Boston Celtics Win Game 2 | Mavericks Aren’t Done Yet

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Join me your host E on today s episode of Shook-Ow At The Buzzer podcast as I get into the Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics Did the Mavs let one slip away Plus Dan Hurley had a big interview with the Los Angeles Lakers He found their plans interesting and felt the interview went well But will it be enough to pull him away from Connecticut Game 3 of the NBA Finals is coming up this Wednesday and some people are already counting the Mavericks out of the series But I don t think they re done yet Tune in to hear what I think the Mavs need to do to get back in the series All this is next right here on Shook-Ow At The Buzzer podcast Please make sure to follow like and share the show if you like what you re hearing Thank you in advance peace Follow the show on Instagram X ShookOw ATB Beat By Slinkco Shout Out J Hyfe This was recorded around noon EST before the Dan Hurley news came out Click here to visit this podcast episode

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