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Insights For Succeeding In Today’s Music Industry: A Conversation With Carl Bahner – Part 2

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The way to get your rates up is to make them realize that you re like the supply and demand works in your favor if the supply is one right If you re the only person doing this thing not the only person mixing not the only person doing I don t know a Scottish Gen Z accent I don t know what the equivalent would be It s not just the only person doing that service it s the only person doing that service but from your set of experiences and perspectives people are a lot more willing to pay for that Because they re not just getting your unique taste your unique like approach to it but it s the peace of mind knowing that you ve got their back — Carl Bahner nbsp This episode is the second half of my conversation with musician mix engineer and sonic wizard Carl Bahner as we talk about the true purpose of music producers the importance of enthusiasm when it comes to branding and what it takes to succeed in today s post-Spotify music industry As always if you have questions for my guest you re welcome to reach out through the links in the show notes If you have questions for me visit audiobrandingpodcast com where you ll find a lot of ways to get in touch You can also join regular Clubhouse chats in The Power of Sound House every other Wednesday check the schedule for times Plus subscribing to the newsletter will let you know when the new podcasts are available when new audio rooms are scheduled and what they ll be about and it ll give you access to a resource called The Studio with lots of interesting sound-related mp3s videos educational pdfs and exclusive discounts from previous guests If you re getting some value from listening the best ways to show your support are to share this podcast with a friend and leave an honest review Both those things really help and I d love to feature your review on future podcasts You can leave one either in written or in voice format from the podcast s main page I would so appreciate that nbsp 0 00 00 Artist s Guide to Music BusinessThe episode begins with Carl s biggest piece of advice for up-and-coming artists Know what you re signing up for As he puts it record labels are in the business to make money not to necessarily make things easier for the band They think that having a label is going to solve all their problems he says They can just be themselves do what they want and everybody has to listen to us And that s not how business partnerships work We talk about building your brand and professional relationships and being recognized for what you have to offer It s not about changing who I am to try to fit what I think that they want he explains It s just saying okay the people that are going to find the most value in what I do are going to find the most value in who I am and why I do what I do nbsp 0 13 07 Pricing Strategy for Creative FreelancersWe discuss finding your passion as a freelancer and the importance of bringing that sense of enthusiasm and genuine interest into each project What is it Carl asks that I just absolutely have the most passion just like pouring out of me when I m doing it and then ask yourself okay well if there s a market for that He shares what he s learned about the value of networking and building a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness and the new role of music in today s digital gig economy Your music is no longer the product or thing that you create he says Your music is advertisement for you The music that you make on social media it s the Click here to visit this podcast episode

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