New Podsafe Music: John Dupuy’s Ukraine is a Podcast Favorite Rock Anthem!

American singer/songwriter John Dupuy has released a new song about the situation in the Russia-Ukraine war. As noted in John’s podsafe music profile, “It has received great support from Ukrainians who have heard it and also from other Europeans and Americans.” – This song is perfect for podcasts in all of the categories of Business, Entertainment, Music, Lifestyle, and Education. We encourage all podcasters to play this song as John is a true patriot who cares about world peace and John has the talent to show it clearly in a well-produced rock single such as this. John is a popular podcaster with his podcast called Deep Transformation. You can watch the videos of John and his co-host Roger Walsh and various prestigious guests at

Listen to and WATCH Ukraine by John Dupuy!

“Ukraine” from John Dupuy can be played on Spotify at We look forward to more music from John Dupuy and you can subscribe on Spotify to his artist profile at

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