At the podcast network, we love helping podcasters produce clean edited podcast episodes for their audiences and we are here to help.

Podcasters are always asking us if they know anyone who edits podcasts, so we assembled a team of editors ready to take your podcast audio to the next level.

With our editing services, your podcast episode gets:

Noise reduction

  • This is minimizing echo and consistent background noise like the noise that comes from computers and other electronics.
  • Does not include dynamic noise like a dog barking or mouth clicks, kids playing, etc.


  • Compression, volume leveling
  • EQ (equalization) to podcast broadcast standards(-16 LUFS)
  • Loudness
  • Final mastering to give the sound and special “shine”.

Podcast editing

  • Minimize and/or remove hum, clicks, crackles, hiss, pops, room ambience and squeaks, wind, coughs, rustle, ringing cell phones, breathing, repeated words, cleaning up, Mouth Popping etc.

Add your intro/outro

  • Simply send us your intro and outro in a separate MP3 and we will add it.

Prices and Delivery Times:

  • Audio Podcast: Up to 15 minutes: $25 – Delivered in 2 days
  • Audio Podcast: 16 to 30 minutes: $30 – Delivered in 3 days
  • Audio Podcast: 30 to 60 minutes: $45 – Delivered in 4 days
  • Video Podcast: Up to 15 minutes: $35- Delivered in 3 days
  • Video Podcast: 16 to 45minutes: $45- Delivered in 4 days
  • Video Podcast: 30 to 60 minutes: $55- Delivered in 5 days
Over 60 minutes: Please message us on the contact form To clean up audio for video podcasts, there is an additional charge of $10.00 per 15 minutes of video.


What File format is the edited podcast?

MP3 320 kbps audio file for audio podcasts. MP4 for video podcasts.

Can you remove all of the background noise?

If you have a small amount of background noise, it can usually be removed without any noticeable change to the other sounds. When you have a lot of loud background noise, removing it does affect the quality of the sounds you want to keep. The key is to having a good sounding file from the start.

Can you clean up the audio for video podcasts?

Yes, please see the prices above for audio and video podcasts.

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