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About This Podcast: Welcome to a podcast hosed by two disabled veterans that love wrestling. We will discuss our shared love of the sport and give our perspectives as fans and what we love. We will talk current events and matches, history of titles and who knows what else. Hear passionate discussions about the sport from the perspective of veterans and also get an insight into their personal lives and stories. We may also talk about other stuff, let’s see where our journey goes.



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The Future of Wrestling: WWE and AEW

Posted on 15th May 2024 04:00:31

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Mother's Day Edition of the NSMC

Posted on 12th May 2024 06:19:54

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Unbelievable King of the Ring Update

Posted on 7th May 2024 08:24:41

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Shocking WWE Backlash Revealed

Posted on 5th May 2024 08:46:16

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Neck Braces, Swerves and Attacks from behind O My

Posted on 3rd May 2024 02:10:57

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Desire: Insider Secrets of the First Pick in the WWE 2024 Draft

Posted on 30th Apr 2024 08:56:55

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No Shave Man Cave Dynasty Watch Along #AEW #Dynasty

Posted on 22nd Apr 2024 04:10:14

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The WWE Era

Posted on 21st Apr 2024 09:32:37

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Remember 22

Posted on 21st Apr 2024 09:03:59

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Philly, ROH and Mania O My!

Posted on 13th Apr 2024 04:00:19

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The No Shave Man Cave

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